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How Does It Work?

Our site is simple; you register an account and start completing tasks in order to get FREE GTA Online money, modded accounts, PayPal Cash, Steam Giftcards or boosting services.

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Is it Free to register and use the website?

Yes, our website is and will always be completely free. You simply earn points which can then be cashed out for GTA 5 online services.


What Can I Get for My Earned Points?

You can cash out your earnings to your PayPal, Steam, PS4/Microsoft giftcards, Amazon giftcards, GTA 5 Online services and much more. Check out the "Redeem" page on the dashboard after you've logged in. Some of our highest earners are hitting $500+ a week.

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Does this work for PS4/Xbox One?

Yes, our website works for all GTA 5 playforms including PC/Steam, PS4 and Xbox One. This means you can cash out PS4 money drops or Xbox One accounts.